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Hilarious Moments Being (SZ) Fangirl

Here it is, I make another  damn-stupid entry for enjoying my fangirl time 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 
I don't know how others enjoy their times, but this was mine. I warn you to scroll down this baka posting, because it fills with dumb things, makes you so sick that you feel to throw your phone and step it (I support you tho 😂 you must be damn rich). So, let me tell you~~~~~:

1. I did hide what's SZ name from my friends in real life.
👉 Kenty, I'm sorry for being your most rude girl ever in this world 😂 actually, if I explain this one thing, maybe would be the most cruel explaining ever that I've ever explain.. But, yeah I did it. You know if I say it to my friend, it just.. SZ name was the most ((misleading)) name that I've ever known. In the end, I tell one friend tho, no no.. It was her that awares about it, because I just say 'sekuzon' (that time I was watching sz tour in my handphone, and my friend realizes it (was sexy zone)). Was she laugh? No. She was smile, I don't understand tho what she's meant. I don't ask her (because I'm focusing to the boys), and put my index finger on the mouth after that, it means don't-ever-tell-other-about-this-name-but-me-do-it-alone

2.Watching things that you don't even understand, still you watch it, and when they were laughing, you use to laugh too.
👉 It's happening so much to me, especially when I watched sz channel. You know most of sz channel episode were not subbing, and in that time I'm starving SZ  more and more, so I - for the love of my life, decide to watch SZ channel without sub. And one time, when I watched it, my friend who sit by my side (that friend who knew what's SZ) asked me if I understand it because I did laugh so much, I stared at her and say.. It's completely me using my heart language to understand them.

3. I, intentionally show loveholic to all my friends
I use Kento mama as my wallpaper phone, I chose the IKEMEN ONE, so that my friends would say 'wow, who's this handsome dude, man'.

But I failed 😂 oh man, they'were just focusing on his teeth though, they're said this dude has funny bunny teeth. (I'm dental student, so ofc in the first time my friends will just focuse on his teeth). Strategy gone to be the wrong one.

4. Explain Sexy Zone name
So, finally my another bff know I'm being crazy fg to Kenty band (she knows Kento, she watched one of his movie), and finally she ask what its name, I smile and laugh, smile and laugh, I want to tell her, but oh my god... 😂😂😂😂 in the end I just tell her that I don't want to, because it's so funny that would make me go die with laughter, but she was so persistent, she said tell me. And I tell her, she's just smile like my friend that I mention before, and I tell her, you know.. I know that's a weird name, even people make this as a joke. (I show her a photo that I post in this entry)

And she explodes with laughter, but she did know for me it was a true love ❤❤😂❤❤ >> because she's not making fun of it... or haven't do it yet

5. All tracklist music in the phone were SZ song and Japanese songs
What's making this so hilarious? Let me tell, I'm not someone that will save songs in my phone, because I used the spotify, and one day, I visit another friend to do lab activity together with her, when I arrived at her place, she was playing western music and stop it while I started my work, so I said, play it - because I'm bored, and she answers: play the music in your phone, most of all my music were the old one, so my answer: yours were the old one, but mine were all Japanese music.
Here we go with silence between us
And then she was laugh
(I don't know why this moment to be the hilarious moment in fg time 😂😂 but in the end I played the music, she said she likes the slow one: walk on wild side)

5. My friend did think one of SZ song was anime's one
She said "what anime did you watch? Is it fun?" >> me playing Sexy zone song: Sexy Zone.

Sooo, that's it what I want to tell in this LJ 🎉🎉🎉🎉🌹
Actually, so many things happen in my life when I begin love SZ family ❤❤❤❤ I don't really tell all here, but when I used to be down because my univ life, my all lab activity that were so strict - make me hard to breath - make me so exhausted - make me so hate myself that' why can't I be more strong to endure things', Sexy Zone made me really happy, Sexy Zone motivated me, Sexy Zone teach me how to face my problem through their song >> actually I don't know what the song means tho, I just feel the energy, I always played Congratulation (because it feels like they congratulate me for my hardworking, so I must do it perfectly).

I'm sorry for posting such a porn writing 🙇

🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 Sexy rose for you 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Alert: I'm wavered with So Matsushima!

Sexy morning

I'm back with my not so important post again ⌐╦╦═─ (♡˙︶˙♡) bang me. How dare me.

So, this time I will tell you my kind of situation where my heart wavered by  Sou!
Oh my God, his pure heart somewhat just reach me, his innocent smile. I fall for him because his attitude! >> It's not that I fall in love with Nakajima because his face only, because his attitude too was so pure. But Sou just came like he'd say "Don't like kenty-kun only, you must love me too." and so, I'm captivated by him as well. 

I don't know what to tell again, oh, I like Sou after I watched him in SZ chanel ep 22 that he wrote "gya a a, wa a ya, gya ya ya" thing. 😂 I'd like to kick him if I was there.

So that's it.

*the pict was not mine.

Sexy Hello

Let me introduce myself 🙇
I'm new fan of Sexy Zone! 🎉
This is why I have this new LJ even though I can't use this teheee~ (I just try this app, and it pretty makes me confused.

Actually I don't know what to post in LJ, because I'm a newbie, and I don't have something that (important enough) related our zupa dupa SZ to show, and if I do have, that's not mine, I downloaded it.

You know, fangirl to Sexy Zone was pretty hard to me. Real life especially univ world often makes me somewhat 'off' from doing fangirling (╥﹏╥) poor me. And then the sexy zone fan! I really want to be friend with SZ fans all the world, but when I somewhat chit chat 'them' with my comment, they don't reply me, and that's making me sad ( TДT) poor me again. Another hard things doing fg to SZ is there's no one who do translate things related SZ.. I can't understand Japanese, if I do, I'd like surely to translate for other fans in the world💟💟💟 but, it can't be helped. I can't. I'm sorry 😓
And now I realize I'm complaining too much. How rude. Sexy sorry again 🙇

Anyway, if you want my help, anything-if I can (like want any SZ videos or songs), I'd like to help you. Just talk to me. :))

Sexy bye bye

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